Fishing day near Sorrento

Fishing day near Sorrento

The fishing day excursion is a unique and funny experience to not miss!
The driver will pick you up at 8:30 at your accommodation and drive you to the beautiful Bay of Marina del Cantone, an unspoiled bay located between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno.
A group of fisherman will wait for you. You will be on a boat very close to the fishermen ones and will assist them from there to some of the phases of the fishing.
At the end of the morning you will have some free time to relax on the beautiful beach drinking an aperitif before having a lunch in a local restaurant, based on the fishes got during your day.
After lunch the driver will drive you back to your accommodation.
Lots of fun is guaranted!

Price per person
(including taxes and fees) based on a booking of:

6 pax UK £ 86 9 pax UK £ 86 12 pax UK £ 86
7 pax UK £ 86 10 pax UK £ 86 13 pax UK £ 86
8 pax UK £ 86 11 pax UK £ 86 14 pax UK £ 86

(**) In case the date requested is not available, we will advise you in writing and provide an alternative date. Just upon your confirmation we will proceed with the booking.

The experience includes:

- Private transportation from your accommodation to Marina del Cantone and return
- English speaking personal assistant
- Lunch and beverage (water and local wine)
- Fishing excursion by boat


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